About Us

Dwarkasing & Partners is an independent research-based consultancy firm that helps enterprises, public-sector bodies and social-sector organizations to improve their performance and tackle their most serious challenges in corporate finance, economics, fiscal policy and tax policy.
Dwarkasing & Partners offers a range of tax, fiscal and economic advises for governments and enterprises of all sizes, on domestic and international level. We are based in the Netherlands, Europe and provide our services to domestic and international clients worldwide, from Europe to Asia and from Africa to the Americas. Our clients range from governments to non-governmental organizations and enterprises. We enhance value for clients by focusing on solutions that are innovative and theoretically sound, yet practical and that can be implemented. We do this by blending independent domain expertise with analytical rigor, while maintaining an uncompromising focus on quality. As part of our philosophy, we combine excellent academic knowledge with a direct, hands-on approach to economic and fiscal issues. We communicate robust approaches clearly and convincingly and always maintain our reputation for quality and independence. Our clients rely on the integrity and skills of our academic team of lawyers, tax consultants and economists. The firm members of Dwarkasing & Partners have been all affiliated as Assistant and Associate Professors to renowned academic European institutions.
They are frequent speakers at international annual conferences and contribute to publications in the most prestigious international finance and tax journals. Because of this profound academic background, there is a cutting-edge knowledge on finance, economics and taxes. It is this theoretical and scientific basis that serves as the basis of all practical solutions that are created by the firm members of Dwarkasing & Partners. It is this theoretical and scientific background of the firm members that secures an independent and neutral position towards their clients. We combine our excellent knowledge with customized care and advice to the highest standard.